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It's so strange to write February 29th! Happy Leap Year!
This entry is a hodge-podge of show and tell. I was looking at the Boston Buddies community this morning, and there was a picture of a baby that looked like the dog I grew up with, Kelly. So, for starters, here is Kelly in January of 1984:

He's securing his place at the dinner table, apparently.

After looking for an image of Kelly to post, I found a few others to scan.
This is a picture that shows how my mother spent time sewing for me...and my dolls...when I was younger. I don't know why I scanned this version of the picture - I'm trying to get OUT of the picture! (And there were others of me smiling, but whatever) Check out all the matching smocked dresses in Care Bear fabric my mom made for Alyson and I...and our dolls!!!

And here is just a picture of me. Charming, aren't I? (I think this is April 1984. I was born in September of 1983...I didn't look at the date, but is that about right? I have no idea how kids look at each age, lol)

Here are the boxers I finished for Dave last night. They're a poly blend I believe, so they feel smooth and silky.

Last night, Stephanie modeled the boxers she made for Mike...and she's amazed by the pee-hole!

This is the green blouse I was working on last night!

I need to finish the buttons and button holes, and the lower hem. Its a neat blouse - the front is straight, and then at the neck, it sorta opens. It has a tiny collar, that ends in ties in the front that are then tied into a bow. The flutter sleeves are 'open' at the top - as in, the sleeve was sorta in the shape of a "c" and the open part of the "c" is at the shoulder. It's really neat. It has so many pieces that make up the bottom...as in, the front of the blouse bottom section is seamed for two pieces on each side, and the back has about 3 panels too. It's like Princess Seams, but not exactly? I'm having a hard time explaining this, and I'm getting a master's degree in Fashion. What does that say about me right now? ha.

I'm just glad to have it this far along and not in pieces...cause there were so many pieces to cut and put together on this blouse (2 pieces for each sleeve, 2 blouse uppers, 4 front bottoms, 1 upper back, 3 or 4 bottom backs, 2 for the collar...) and they all basically looked the same and were slippery, so I kept moving them. Also, the fabric is hard to tell "right side" and "wrong side" so it kept me on my toes! But I'm happy with it thus far!! And it's almost done!!

But I'm really happy with the way it's turned out. I had put it on hold months ago cause I was having issues (possibly with the fabric and my old machine? I don't exactly remember why!?) so it was nice to pick it up again last night and get this far on it. I was going to begin another dress yesterday with fabric I bought at Mood in NYC, but I thought it was better to work on this instead! Good call on my part, I think!

Dave went to the Eric Clapton concert last night with his sister and said it was a lot of fun! While he was out at the concert, Steph and I were being domestic and sewing!!


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Feb. 29th, 2008 08:13 pm (UTC)
omg, love the picture of your friend in her boyfriend's new boxers! i still can't fathom how guys can have that much material going on under their pants. i can only imagine feeling scrunchy all the time, lol.

beautiful blouse! i love the color and the fabric. you're so talented.
Feb. 29th, 2008 10:43 pm (UTC)
the first picture of you i TOTALLY thought you were one of the dolls!! SO CUTE.

and holy crap, those boxers look like they were fresh out of the gap. and the blouse is looking great!
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