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I think this is my 3rd entry of the day. Hm.

I ended up not having to work at the gallery today, so it gave me another day to catch up on more work. I did do some things, but not as much as I would have liked. I made edits to one client's site, did a minimal amount of homework, and worked on the blouse a bit. I also edited a logo for another client, and just lounged around.

It's starting to snow now. Boo.

I went shopping with my mother and sister after dinner in search of this dress:

I had seen it in their "Spring Looks" section a while ago, and even wrote on my calendar that March was when it was coming out. Today, I got an email from JCrew as a cardholder saying that their new items were out. I was going to order it online, but I decided it was best to try it on before I bought it cause I didn't want to go through the hassle of ordering the wrong size and what not. So I called my favorite JCrew - and they didn't get it in, and won't. Apparently it was only sent to certain stores. They told me one that had (Short Hills - which I don't normally go to!) - so I called there, asked them to put a 6 on hold in Rhubarb and that I was coming later to try it on. I got there - and I loved it. Sometimes with JCrew I love it in the catalog and don't love it as much in person. This, I did. I have 2 graduations, 1 graduation party for moi, and a couple of weddings/wedding showers this year, so it will get worn!! Love it.

While we were out shopping, I also found an Ella Moss yellow print jersey turtle neck that was on sale at Anthropologie that I loved as well, and something for Dave for his upcoming birthday. So, I didn't intend for this evening to be a shopping spree, but it was!

Dave is on his way over. He went out to dinner with his parents to sushi while I shopped.

I hope the snow doesn't get too crazy. I don't want my whole weekend to be ruined because of it.