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Yesterday was such a crazy, packed day. Honestly, I'm not sure how I was able to fit in everything I did, but somehow I managed!

In the morning I had a meeting for the FIT exhibition that is opening next week. That was short and sweet and things are coming along. After that, my friend Sandra and I ran errands. I'm becoming such a "New Yorker." In the past, I would wait until I got home to NJ to run errands, and DRIVE around in NJ to get the things I needed. Now, I find myself more often than not, picking up items I need while in the city. Kinda funny. I bought Burt's Bees 2 minute treatment super conditioner cause I feel that my hair is getting more breakage, especially with the really light highlights. I also got it cut the other day, and I want to keep the ends nice and clean with no breakage.

Then, Sandra and I also went to various notions stores for thread for our conservation projects, and I bought a zipper for the one-shoulder dress (.99 cents! Gotta love notions stores that are next to FIT!)

After the shopping, we then went out to lunch at a pizza place. Yum. I then went back to the lab and spent an hour or so working on sewing my 18th century bonnet. It's coming along.

I then caught a train home, and finished reading Harry Potter 2. Now, I can start #3!

When I got home, I ran some NJ errands - picked up my paycheck, went to the bank, and bought elastic (didn't have a chance to get it in the city). After that round of errands was completed, I worked on my dress and helped my mom make tacos for dinner. I ate a taco. I then sewed for an hour and a half or so on the dress, and it's coming along well!

After sewing, I met up with Cynthia and I met her boyfriend for the first time. I ordered ice cream while they ordered dinner and we sat and chatted a lot about life, and laughed A LOT. It was a lot of fun, and I hadn't seen her since (eek) September! She moved to Hoboken, and our schedules have just been insane, so this was really nice to FINALLY get together. I gave her the birthday gift I had for her (from October) and we exchanged Christmas gifts. She gave me a nice earrings and necklace set, an ornament, and a really neat candle holder. For Christmas, I made her a Shutterfly book of all pictures of us together from years ago to the present, and she said she loved it which made me happy. As she was going through it, we stopped to talk about each of the events in the album, and she was telling Jay about the people in the pictures, where they were taken, and all that good stuff. It was nice.

After that (there's more to my day! Goodness!) I stopped by Dave's - for the exhibition, I am in charge of working on the iMovie for the LCD video screen and I was given DVD files that do not work on iMovie, so Dave is going to convert them into .mov files for me. All of the programs that my friend Alyssa from FIT and I downloaded onto my mac laptop DIDN'T WORK. And, I didn't want to download any more programs on my PC laptop, so Dave offered to do it for me. Love him. He wasn't able to join me with Cynthia and Jay since he is taking a certification test on Saturday for his job, and he was studying. So, it was late and I was able to visit with him for a bit, and gave him the files.

I then drove home feeling exhausted and knowing I had a full day!

Today is going to be nowhere near as crazy. At least I hope not. When I get back from work, I'd like to work on my dress a bit more and possibly take some pictures to post in here! Then, Dave and I have low-key plans since he has to be up early for his test.


Me, Cynthia

Cynthia and her boyfriend Jay