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Yesterday was another crazy accomplishment day. I:
-hemmed my dress
-signed up for a reward on my credit card/paid bill
-paid cell phone
-laundry (sheets, delicates and folded another load)
-finished logo package for client, and sent all files to them
-2 rounds of edits on a client's web site
-published completed version of above site (which included setting up shopping cart)
-converted a wayward corrupt .vob file into an .mov for the FIT exhibition (Dave had issues with this one file when he did the others)
-made an iMovie for the FIT exhibition with the correct .mov files
-ordered a pattern I wanted from McCall's two-day $5.99 pattern sale
-made 3 (both sides - so 6) scrapbook pages
-completed Louboutin site for FIT exhibition, and wrote a couple of emails to my classmates/advisors regarding the site

That was my to-do list. And I really accomplished most everything I set out to do. It was a long day and I ended up not seeing Dave until 10:30 pm, even though we had originally planned to get together earlier, life happens.

This morning I was able to relax a bit due to my insane rush to complete everything yesterday. I went shopping with Alyson in the morning for some scrapbooking supplies since I had coupons and I noticed I needed some more 3d stickers and paint markers when I had started diong pages last night. So, we picked up that and when I got home, I set to work on making pages for the rest of the pictures I had recently ordered from Shutterfly. I am now up to date with my pictures - with the exception of 3 from a family event, but I don't want to make one page just for those 3 images, so I'm going to wait until my next picture order so I can make a page including those 3 photos. If that makes sense...

So, I got done a lot.

Today I want to do some more work on my MSU thesis. I need to write a few emails and send some information off, plus some research. This week I have my thesis topic defense for FIT and I'm a bit nervous about that, but I think it should go well. I made myself mushroom soup for lunch - yum. I also noticed when I went to type this entry that there is a huge gash in my pinkie of my left hand, and dried blood all around it. I honestly have no idea how that happened, but it does feel a bit funny...

Here are the pages I scrapbooked last night and this morning (while I worked last night, my mom and I watched Night at the Museum. I've seen it before, but she hadn't - such a cute movie)

My body (and brain) are in serious "fight or flight" mode lately. I know that there are SO MANY things that I need to complete in order to graduate and support myself through web work for the next few months. Plus, I like to do activities for myself, such as sewing and scrapbooking. But, I just understand that I need to get my ass in high gear and I feel like each day is a huge labor of Hercules. It will be such a shock to my system when the semester completely ends and I find that I will have free time on my hands - or I will then find something else to keep me busy. But seriously, I look back on the things I HAVE to accomplish each day, and it's insane! I just make sure I eat well, get 7.5 hours of sleep each night, and then just plow through to-do lists of things I need to get done!!

My finger feels strange - each time I type, part of the dried blood pulls and opens the cut a bit - ouch! I wonder how the heck I did that?!?


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Mar. 9th, 2008 06:52 pm (UTC)
i noticed you write alexandra on your scrapbook pages, do ppl call you that in real life? i've always known you as alexa, i mean i knew your name was alexandra but i didn't know you ever went by that
Mar. 9th, 2008 07:57 pm (UTC)
I go by anything, haha. I write Alexandra on all documents and anything I sign. My sorority calls me Alexa, as do random friends and anything associated with Roxydoll and online. The reason for that is b/c the first page I ever made was in the 8th grade, at the Gurlpages from Delia's as Roxydoll12. In 8th grade, ALLLLLL of my friends at that point were calling me Alexa. And then, it sorta changed to Alex. But by that point, I started doing more web stuff, and everyone referred to me as Alexa.

However, I'd say the majority of people I know when finding a nickname for me say Alex.

So as a result, I'm a mess. haha. I like Alexa better than Alex. I like Alexandra as a name, but find that most people like to shorten names...so...yeh.
Mar. 9th, 2008 09:02 pm (UTC)
ppl try to shorten any name, sometimes it's funny, even when you think it's something that can't be shortened ppl will find a way, my friend has a neice named emerald but everyone calls her emi, i don't think i've ever heard anyone use her real name but you'd think you couldn't shorten that anymore right, well her friends call her M lol

of course my name is pamela but everyone calls me pam except for my family, they have always called me pamela, but my best friend niri calls me pamela to but she say's it as a nickname/petname lol it's hard to explain but she calles me that like someone would say "pammie"

ok i don't know why i just told you all that but anyways i think it's interesting all the different names ppl go by and why, and espeically which groups use which name, in my case the ppl closest to me use my formal name and the ppl who don't know me that well or are just casual friends say pam
Mar. 9th, 2008 07:04 pm (UTC)
your scrapbook pages look totally cute!
and congrats on getting so much work done!
Mar. 10th, 2008 03:58 am (UTC)
wow you got a lot done!!! you should post a link to the louboutin site if you can, i would love to see it.
also, i love your scrapbook pages; mine are similar, i like to put as many pictures on each page as i can and find cute stickers.
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