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This weekend has been super busy. Friday after work in the art gallery signaled the start of spring break for me. Spring break from classes I should say, since I still will be working obviously.

So, after work on Friday, Dave and I went to pick up take-out Italian (so yummy!) We ate with his parents and then he and I went ice skating.

Saturday morning, I did touch up painting for my great aunt in her lower room since she just got carpeting after I did the painting over winter break. After that, my mom and I helped her organized the basement since it still was filled with boxes from moving. My dad also started to drain the water from the pool cover and that is actually still draining now! We also cleaned out the backyard a bit - where I was dragging a plastic bin in the far corner of the property, where a piece of plastic broke off, taking a large chunk of my skin with it. Ew. So I dripped blood, got a bandaid, and was good to go.

My mom, sister and I then did food shopping for both of our houses - Alyson got what she needed and my mom and bought stuff for us. We drove back to both places and put it all away. Then, the three of us went shopping to buy curtains for her home office room, and I bought her a matching pillow for her birthday.

I then went home and got ready for the evening's festivities, my mom ate dinner. My mom and I then went to Bloomingdale's for more shopping - I have a lot of events coming up, so I bought a bunch of gifts and some more Bobbi Brown spf Extra tinted moisturizing balm since I finished mine the other day.

Saturday evening brought on Dave's brother's fiancee's birthday (Lisa's) and we drove to John and Lisa's. Her father made the most awesome and yummy skirt steak I have ever had and it was a nice evening. After the party, Dave and I hung out at his house.

This morning, my mom and Aunt Betty and I went to church for the Easter cantata. I also ran into J Crew at the Shrewsbury mall to see if they had a dress I had admired earlier, on sale. They didn't. The three of us went out to lunch at Panera, and then went to my townhouse. My life is so messy right now (ha) we ended up taking down my Christmas tree down there (I know, it's March. It's almost Easter. My tree came down today. Whatever). So we packed up all the ornaments, and I did a quick clean of the entire place (in a super expensive skirt...I don't advise cleaning in nice clothing, I thought at one point I got SoftScrub on me....grrrr)

After the tree came down, my mom and I tackled my fridge down there. Now, some of my close friends have keys to my townhouse and I let them stay there whenever they want. I figure it's a nice mini-vacation in mid-southern NJ and I bought it to be used - so I let friends go there for fun. And they bring the funniest food! My mom and I threw out everything out of date - including - peanut butter from March 2007, pickles!, olives (clearly someone made martinis at some point), 2 jars of different flavors of jelly, a loaf of old frozen bread, cool whip, what's that sauce for shrimp? it's red? Cocktail sauce!, 2 containers of soy sauce/teriyaki marinade, and some other completely random stuff. The funny thing is, most of those items are food I would never eat! haha So the fridge is cleaner and I feel better about life getting the townhouse back in order. Well, it was always in order. But I mean, at least if people eat food there, it won't be out of date. Right.

Dave is coming over now for corned beef and cabbage at Alyson's. Yum. Alyson is also getting over a headcold, and I think she gave it to me. What a great way to start Spring Break!


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Mar. 17th, 2008 12:46 am (UTC)
One year I left my Christmas tree up till March. But it was cute so whatever. lol

We're having corned beef and cabbage tomorrow. I'm just glad I don't have to make it.
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