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So Easter was really nice! My parents and I went to Dave's to see his family and it was really nice. We all chatted and ate desserts. I ended up leaving early with my parents instead of staying more with Dave to come home and work on my paper. I'm really trying to get the whole thing finished, like, soon. Ha.

Rory is being really adorable. Before I started typing this, she came up to my chair and put her little paws on my chair and I picked her up and hugged her. Such a good girl.

Tonight is the end of my spring break and that makes me really sad. I don't think I accomplished as much all week as I had originally planned, but whatever. There were some things I got done, and I guess that's good enough.

Ok - paper writing time. I'm determined.



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Mar. 24th, 2008 06:43 pm (UTC)
I love when pets act cute! Sometimes when I'm on my computer Fiona will try to climb onto it so I will pet her. It's hard to resist them, even when paper writing calls!
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