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My spring break ended/went back to work today. I still worked over spring break, but I'm officially 'back' now. Ugh.

Work went well, which was good. I then went to the bank after work and then came home for Easter dinner round #2. Then Dave stopped by and I went shopping with him. After that, we came back to my house and watched a program on the History channel about underground civilizations. Neat.

I'm tired, I'm going to bed now. I have about 23 pages of text written for my MSU thesis. I basically only need about 30 to graduate with my MA, I believe. I'm going to keep writing until I have said all that I want to say - but I'm kinda coming down the home stretch with that paper at least! I'm really determined to finish it before the end of the semester when life will get crazy. I think I may just meet that goal!