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Not much is happening, so I'm not sure why I'm updating, but I'm just in the mood.

I wanted to work more on sewing my dress over the weekend, and with the allergic reaction and everything else, I didn't get any more time to do so. I did finish the hem on the slip dress that goes underneath, so that is completely finished now. I haven't even begun cutting the pattern pieces on the actual dress though.

I made myself a to do list to accomplish after work. It isn't super crazy, but I do have to email various clients on various topics. I also am still receiving surveys for my MSU thesis which is great, but I should also work on my history and conclusion for that paper.

Today for lunch I met up with Jess and we chatted about life. On Thursday, I will be seeing Jennifer V. for lunch. Yey!

Graduation is quickly approaching, but it also means that I need to get a lot of work finished. I'm going to be happier and stress-free as soon as I am finished!!