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March 27th. How did this happen? I say it all the time, but time seriously flies.

This Sunday is Alyson's birthday. April 3rd is Dave's birthday. Jim's birthday was yesterday. They were all born the same weekend (duh), and Alyson and Dave were born in the same hospital, and my mom and Dave's mom knew each other. Very small world. They even said "I wonder if our children will be friends." Well, a different child is more than friends with Dave, and yes, Alyson and Dave are friends! hahaha

I spent the day in the city today. We had a tour for our graduate exhibition with an undergrad class that culminated with goodies, coffee and questions. After that, I met up with Jennifer V. at a restaurant closer to her work, which was nice. We chatted about life and all that is happening with us. Which is a lot! We generally meet for lunch once a month in the city and I'd love to see her more often than that, but at least it's consistent. Love her, she's great.

After that, I spent time researching a textile for my midterm for my Modern Textiles class, and then sewed my qualifying paper conservation project bonnet. I'm getting a little frustrated with the bonnet - I feel my hand skills and stitching on the bonnet is less than stellar, but I'm so determined to finish this project. The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and I just want to be done! ahhhhh.

Dave is doing well - we have tickets to a show this weekend and some other upcoming events for the weekend. I'm surprised that this week is over so quickly - wasn't I JUST on spring break? And now I've been back a week? Crazy.

I've been making crazy to-do lists lately that include all the projects that I need to complete in order to graduate. Two MA degrees. Crazy. I'm going to be so proud of myself when I finish both. Less than two months...

This evening I'd like to complete a proposal for a new client. I talked with them the other day, and I'd like to get the written proposal sent out. It sounds like a really interesting project, too. Very excited.

So this weekend, I'd like to think that I will be working on sewing my dress that I started. Or doing something exciting, like...cleaning my closet (seriously, it needs to be done.) But unfortunately, I think I will be writing, writing, and doing more writing. And research. Ugh.

I just spent an hour on the phone with Jen R. talking about her wedding. She's beginning to look at various locations and fun stuff like that. She asked me to go dress shopping with her and I think that will be cool.

Ok, I just feel drained after my day. I really should be doing even more work. Watch me go...


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Mar. 28th, 2008 04:45 am (UTC)
Your sissy's B-day.
Ha Ha... your sissy and I have the same birthday.

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