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There are so many things I should be doing today; it's so daunting. I have a midterm due Wednesday, two thesis papers that I should do a bit of work on each, tons of decorative arts readings that I need to discuss in class, and two other papers for two other classes. It's rough.

Last night Dave and I went to go see my high school's musical, 42nd Street. His boss' son was one of the leads, so we sat with her and it was nice. After that, we went to get food for Dave since he hadn't eaten anything and then just hung out. I saw a lot of people I knew at the show - parents of children who were in it (who have older children who I was friends with) and a person I went to school with was running the lights. So it was fun to go back.

I guess I should actually attempt to get some work done...



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Mar. 29th, 2008 05:31 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean.. that one week we had off went by way too quick and it seems like there's twice the amount of things to get done this week!! Where do we even begin?! This weekend is definitely going to be too short :)
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