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Happy Birthday Alyson!

I'm swamped completely with work. Yesterday I wrote more on my introduction for my MSU thesis, and then put work into my modern textiles midterm that is due this upcoming week. It takes a lot out of me. I also read two articles for my decorative arts class, which was good.

At a point in the afternoon, I took a break and went over to Alyson's and Jim's house. They were hosting their Jim's sister and her husband and her two children, Jim's brother and his wife and their daughter, Jim's aunt, his cousin, and his mother and John. Jessica, Jim's brother's wife, also brought along their Wheaton, Emma, who Alyson had babysat over the summer. I love that dog and it was fun playing with her with Charley and Rory.

After working and writing more, I was able to see Dave at 10! We had made plans for much earlier, but life happens. He also had to take his Great Dane, Joey to the vet cause he was really sick. So it was a crazy evening. I went over Dave's, had two chocolate truffles and hung out with him. He had done some shopping during the day and did a little fashion show to show me what he had bought. That was cute. He makes me laugh - I'm so happy when I'm around him, it makes me smile.

Today I need to continue on with my work. We are having a birthday party for Alyson in the evening and she and I were also discussing doing some shopping at a nearby craft store. Sweet.