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Work was good today. When I got home this evening, I just wasn't in the mood to do any more schoolwork. I feel good about myself by finishing the midterm, and I'm just not able to wrap my little brain around anything else. It kinda sucks.

Dave picked up his dog from the doggy hospital today. Poor Joey - I think he's doing better now though.

Instead of working on papers, I spent part of the evening scrapbooking. I got a bunch of pages done and am now caught up with my pictures. While I was working on that, Rory was in my room with me and she was being so cute.

Tomorrow I am adopting the April Pet of the Month in Webkinz world - a pink poodle. I'm excited. I'm like a four year old...

101 in 1001:
I don't think I accomplished anything this month. How pathetic.
Well, that's not totally true. As part of #92, I finished Harry Potter book 3.
#1 & #2 - I have been working like a fiend on my two thesis papers. My FIT thesis topic was approved and now I'm just getting to work on it. My MSU thesis is moving along quite nicely.
That brings me closer to graduation for both MSU and FIT, #5 and #6.

So, beyond that, I really haven't accomplished much on that list. There are so many other things I need to do as of lately that I can't even think about that list.