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Yesterday was a bit of a waste of a day as in I didn't get a whole lot accomplished. Or at least I didn't do as much as I would have liked to.
My throat is still killing me and it's not fun.

Yesterday in the morning I created a logo for a new client and wrote some e-mails to other clients. I then worked on my diner paper for my decorative arts class, and I have about 6 full pages completed, and it needs to at least be 10. So, I should get to work on that. I also started my power point presentation on the diner paper, but by starting I mean I opened a file and inserted 3 images. Big whoop.

After my non-productive day, I went to Dave's and drank throat coat tea with his sister, mother, and grandmother. Thorsten, John, and Lisa were also all there so it was nice to visit with all of them. Then we went to Nordstrom's to get Dave another Canali tie. He picked out a really interesting gold one that I'm sure will look spiffy. He picks out nice dress up clothing, and I always love the way he looks - he wears a lot of French cuff shirts, and his tie collection is pretty impressive. I love it.

After that, we just hung out at his house and watched various portions of Best in Show, Reality Bites and Tomcats.

This morning I woke up at 10 which is pretty late for me. I just finished eating, playing Webkinz and checking e-mails for work, school and personal. Now, I'm off to go work on my diner paper. Wish me luck!