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4.9.08 Christian Louboutin Lecture!

Today was long. I'm barely upright, and I had a lot going on today.

Of importance, shoe designer Christian Louboutin gave a lecture at FIT, and my graduate program got to sit in the 2nd row since we worked on the exhibition that honored him. It was very cool - he was a lot of fun and had cute stories and anecdotes. It was very enjoyable! Also, designer Diane Von Furstenberg was also there and gave an introduction, which was also great!

I handed in my diner paper and did my diner presentation. That class is basically finished for the semester - for the next few weeks, we will have a different professor teaching a different aspect of the course, so there might be another paper or so, but the main part of the course is finished. Sweet.

Dave was home sick today, with the horrible cold I had given him. I felt bad that it got passed onto him :(

I actually felt a bit better today - as in, I made it through the day. Only a bit of a sore throat and some ear pain, and only blew my nose a few times! (TMI?) That is miles ahead of where I was the other day!!