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I'm pretty tired, but just not in the mood to go to bed yet.

I finished the edits to a site, and emailed the link off to them for review. That was one of my goals for the weekend and I accomplished it early Friday evening. Yippee.

My mom and I tried to put together our new patio furniture, but it just wasn't going well. So, we'll revisit that later.

I then went to Dave's after he went bike riding - and fell off again! Last October he fell off pretty badly and hugged a tree on the way down, ripping off a lot of skin on his arm. This fall was basically nothing, but it does make me nervous - and he has a cut on the back of his neck from it. :(

I weighed myself at Dave's, and I weigh myself randomly at his house cause we don't really have a scale at my house (there's one in a bathroom closet, and a medical one in the basement) so I really have no idea how much I weigh on a daily basis. But, I will weigh myself at Dave's - and it turns out I'm a 5 or 6 lbs lighter than I had been on that scale in the past. Dave told me to march to the kitchen and eat a cupcake, which amused me, but seriously - it's not like I'm trying to lose weight. I don't eat crap food and will eat an apple or yogurt if I get hungry during the day. My boss keeps soooooo much food and candy in our office for anyone who visits, and as a result, it really makes me grossed out by food. It's just too much at times. So yeh. I told my mom, and she mentioned that she thought I had been eating less lately too. So, tomorrow is another day, where I will EAT.

One summer, when I was 17, I did theater all summer, including a show where I did ballet/pointe every night. And all day was ballet/pointe rehearsal. I was so tiny and lost a lot of weight - I was dancing over 10 hours a day, grabbing a bite to eat for lunch, and since it was one of the first times I was living alone, nutrition really wasn't on my mind - budgeting money was, etc. And honestly, the first summer when I was 16 and living on my own, I went out and bought designer dresses with money that could have been used to buy food...but I didn't mean to lose weight, but it just happened. My mom would then buy me donuts, and bribed me that if I "gained a few more pounds" she would buy certain articles of clothing that I tried on, that just hung, shaplessly. (One of which is a BCBG sweater that was a wrap sweater, and showed off my non-existent chest. I eventually ate enough donuts to "earn" that sweater...and loved every minute of it, and still love the sweater!)

So, this reminded me of that. Dave and I joke around that I eat a lot of "bread" (I make pb&j sandwiches for lunch all the time on white bread - it's cheap food that travels well) and he was like, I know I make fun of you, but seriously - go eat bread.


Charley ate the remote control this afternoon. He was in the backyard, munching away. It took me so time to figure out what he was eating. Ugh. Silly puppy.

Dave and I watched Waitress with his parents this evening after we made dinner. It was cute - not wonderful, but mildly amusing and entertaining.


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Apr. 19th, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
You're lucky that you can actually gain a few lbs if you really try! But.. then again I suppose it really does depend on what you eat. I can't really afford to lose any but we also do not have a scale.. so I never really know how much I weigh at any given point. Well, except for when visiting Frank's parents or relatives! I always hop on their scale. Odd huh! But, you understand obviously :)

Well anyway so my point was going somewhere haha. Oh ya, depending on what we eat.. so anyway, I had a couple doctor visits over the summer and before I went there, I had been progressively eating better (pretty much no dessert, or.. okay maybe once a week but that was cutting down drastically!) and no little candy things on the side or anything like that, just healthy stuff and lots of fruit/veggies. I had I think 3 appointments over the course of 4 months and by my 4th appt I had actually LOST like three pounds.. I was kind of horrified! They were looking at me like I was nuts and my doctor kept asking me what my "normal" weight was. I mean my weight never fluctuates really but I didn't expect to lose any. I also think he thought I was anorexic or possibly bulemic which couldn't be further from the truth! I LOVE to eat, I just now choose more carefully what I eat. But then again we've always been pretty health concious. No really fatty things and low-fat dairy stuff. It's just the desserts i wanted to cut down on.

So anyway. Apparently the only way I could gain weight would be to eat donuts and things like they are telling you to do!

Maybe if you just eat MORE of the healthy stuff you can still gain a couple pounds? But I also know what you mean about being busy.. I eat a lot less daytime snacks now than I used to because I'm just very busy at work :\ Though I do always eat breakfast lunch and dinner.. just dont get to have my snacks. boooo. lol..

This was kinda random, sorry! You just remind me of me sizewise, but like a foot taller! :P
Apr. 19th, 2008 02:12 pm (UTC)
i can't imagine what it must be like to lose weight without trying! i eat mostly healthy and try to work out regularly and i swear, if i look at a cookie i'll gain! it's funny how some people's bodies are just SO different.
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