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Yesterday, I cleaned basically the entire house. I am in love with the new Dyson vacuum. It's absolutely wonderful and it reaches to all these crazy crevices. The house also has an internal vacuum, but the motor is dying, so I haven't used that in ages, and have been using an Oreck instead. This is just miles ahead and so much better. I've been raving about a vacuum in my blog now for days, and I understand that - but it's just wonderful.

I also finished the mock layout that I was working on yesterday and sent it to the client. I'm pretty up-to-date on my freelance work, which makes me so happy. I'm not as up-to-date on my homework. I don't really have anything due in the next week or so, but I do have to finish all my projects for the end of the semester. I think I can handle it though.

In the evening, Dave, Stephanie and Stephanie's boyfriend Mike came over. Dave and Stephanie just bought new cars, so we opted staying in over going out, as to not spend unnecessary money. And playing Monopoly! It was actually a lot of fun, and was a nice mellow evening. Stephanie won, of course. Any time anyone plays anything with Stephanie - chance games, luck games, lottery, or any type of game - she wins! It's kinda funny actually. She goes to tricky tray fundraisers, and will basically win all of the prizes she put tickets into! hahaha Even when we were younger, she always won everything!

Dave was doing really well early on, but then had no cash but a lot of assets, and sorta just gave up cause it was getting late. Mike was out first - but as he was dying down, he gave his stuff to Stephanie instead of paying cash. Dave just handed it all back to the bank, haha. So, that didn't help me at all. I guess I won second. Had Dave mortgaged a property or two, he totally would have beat me, and possibly even Stephanie!

Here are the pictures. They're really not all that great overall. Dave hated the one of him and I - he was on his boat for most of the day, and he said he didn't drink enough water, and had spotchy sun marks and was tired. But he's still adorable. I had no makeup on. Plus, the overall subject matter of Monopoly does not make for stellar photography!

Mike with $8 at one point.

Mike and Stephanie

Dave and I

the game.

Me with the yellows! I always loved the yellows!

This morning, I cleaned my room super duper cause I was in the mood. I just woke up and went to town, before doing anything else.

I am also paying my townhouse monthly fees, taxes and writing a thank-you note for a graduation gift. After that, I need to get ready for Lisa's shower. It feels good to be on top of my work, but I also would have liked it had I accomplished more homework this weekend. Whatever though!