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Happy Monday Morning!

I have already had a dr's appointment this morning and am sitting here at work. I have a couple of sites to work on, so it should be a pretty productive day!

My goal of the week is to finish my MSU final thesis. I think that was my goal over the weekend, but clearly that didn't happen. Instead, I cleaned the entire house thoroughly and did other, more fun stuff, instead. Oh well.

I'll be thrilled when I am finished with school - I haven't sewed, done embroidery or gone on weekend vacays in so long, and I just don't have the time to! It will be nice when I can use leisure time for leisure activities, rather than homework. Plus, time goes by so quickly, it's crazy! Last year at this time, I remember talking to John about him proposing to Lisa. Now, her shower is over and the wedding is coming up! A year goes by so quickly, it's crazy! I want life to slow down a bit!!

EDIT: I was just looking through my lj and found an entry with this pic of Dave. I had to re-post it, cause I think he's a hottie: