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I really should be working on homework, but I just have a hard time bringing myself to do it. Ugh. After I write this entry, I swear I'll do some work...

I sent out my first e-mail campaign for my freelance business. It was quite fun and I'm already into the stats package that is associated with it. About 3 hours after sending it, 41% of the people who it was sent to have opened it. Sweet - not too shabby.

Dave sent me the sweetest text a little while ago with a picture. I adore him. I hate to sound cheesey and ridiculous, but he really is a great guy.

I vacuumed again today! I'm a vacuuming machine! I'm decided that if I keep vacuuming every few days, no dirt will EVER collect and the house will always look crazy clean. I'm determined. There is nothing that bothers me more than a messy house. Not in an OCD way or anything, but when things are out of place and there are dust bunnies, it's just not cool.

Just got a text message from a client - going to go call them and do updates! Maybe I'll write some on my paper then...maybe...