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One of my very close friends was just on Dancing with the Stars. Tim has been in Riverdance on Broadway and has toured all over the globe with River Dance. In high school, he won multiple Irish Dancing Competitions (worlds) and is an amazing friend and dancer. We were in dance gym together (dance class instead of actual gym) and we always would fool around and bs and that's where we became really close.

Here we are in 2004, doing a dress rehearsal for a dance he took me to:

Lovely shot in my bathroom, hahaha.

Another fave pic of us:

This is us at my cotillion - he was my date and presented me to the greek community in college.

So, I'm watching DwtS, and they do a Riverdance segment. I obviously think of Tim - and then all of the dancers come on, and he was on the end in a green shirt (pretty sure it was green) He was on the far right end when they were all in a line. Love him. Click on my tags on "Tim" to see some fab pics of him! :)

My icon for this post is a virgo- his birthday is September 11, mine is September 12.
I love having famous friends, haha. That's what I get for dancing and performing for most of my existence. I love when people I've performed with and are close to are on Broadway/tv/awesomeness!!! It makes me so proud! Yey Tim!!!!



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Apr. 23rd, 2008 02:51 am (UTC)
very cool! it is definitely nice to see people you have known/know succeed! :)
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