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Dave has the next few days off, and I'm going to be super busy. That makes me sad cause I'd love to be able to spend the time with him while he's off. :( I'm sure we'll figure something out though.

On Monday, I was talking to Dave's mom for over an hour before I saw Dave. He was kinda annoyed - as in he was like "An hour? Seriously hun?" but whatever. I can't help it. She was showing me some things that she had bought that day (shoes!!!) and then we watched a bit of Dancing with the Stars (Monday night). I didn't know that much time had gone by, but I still then spent a lot of time with Dave. He got over it pretty quickly, but it's kinda funny.

My mom and I will be picking tile soon for the backsplash in the LBI house kitchen. Dave said he would tile it for us, which makes me thrilled. I love how he helps out my family and gets involved in projects, just to be nice. He tiled a room off of the living room at the Clifton house, and it looks wonderful. Also, when the addition was put on, he and I spent hours priming 4 rooms. My mother always told me growing up, "You have to marry a man who knows how to do projects around the house, or a man who makes enough money to pay someone else." Well, can I have both? There are still some projects I wouldn't expect him to do (dry wall - we have a room still to dry wall and Dave and I were going to do it - well, he would and I'd advise, but it seems easier to hire someone else) but there are other projects that he is able to do well. I love it. He also used to change my car oil, but the internal jack is crappy and again, he decided that it's probably easiest to have it done by someone else. I can handle that, haha. That reminds me, my oil should be changed fairly soon. I may also need to get my car inspected by the end of this summer? Who knows.

I'm really stressed about the end of semester projects. I'm sure that no one wants to hear me bitch and moan by this point, but they really do bother me. However, I just can't seem to get my act together to actually FINISH any thing that I have to get done! I'm working with clients well, and meeting deadlines at work. But as for paper writing and sewing? It's beginning to fall by the wayside. I have one month left (less than) and I just need to get through this final push. I hope I'm able to do so. I just know that everyone else in my FIT program feels the same way. We're all so close, but it's just so hard to get everything finished!! I'm going to be so thrilled when it's all over!!!



Apr. 23rd, 2008 06:28 pm (UTC)
But he should be GLAD you can talk to his mom like that. It means you guys get along!
Apr. 24th, 2008 01:44 am (UTC)
Oh of course! He was just jealous for a bit, hahaha