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It's 9:21 and I'm up and about. The first thing I'm going to do today is wash some of the items I found in my closet - some things got kinda smooshed and just need to be laundered before I can wear them this spring.

I also just transferred all but $100 of my tax refund to my savings account. I really don't NEED that money for anything at the moment, and I figure it's better in savings than in my checking. In checking, I'll just spend it!

My mother and I were going to go to church this morning, but plans changed. We have an event next Sunday, so we won't be going then either. Kinda sad, but the church is far away from our northern NJ house (it's close to my townhouse) so unfortunately, going there basically takes up the entire day. We are members now though, and obviously plan on continuing to attend, but I sometimes just feel guilty for not being to go all that often.

Last night, I went to a drug store with Dave cause he had errands to run, and I ended up buying a bottle of pinky/purpleish nail polish and a new mascara. It's the little things in life that excite me! (So how much in total have I purchased this weekend? white jeans, khakis, seersucker pants, 2 pairs of plaid trousers, denim dress, 3/4 sleeve jersey tee, 2 3/4 sleeve spring silk/cotton sweaters, 1 bra, free VS panty, 2 webkinz, 3 free webkinz, cards for various upcoming occassions, cake mix for Mrs. B., 4 snail napkin rings, nail polish, mascara, 3 white knit shirts, yellow cotton 'jacket', black open toed slingback shoes, turquoise earrings.)

OH MY. And last month, all of my credits cards were at $0 (with one card that had 2 train fares and two $7 dinners in NYC) - so this is basically the complete opposite. One month I spend absolutely nothing? The next is a complete wardrobe? ha. At least I work, otherwise I'd feel so guilty!!!!!