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Quote of the day on my Boston Terrier tear off calendar my boss gave me:

"I spilled spot remover on my dog. He's gone now."
- Steven Wright.


This upcoming week is absolutely insane. I will have no time to breathe and it's full of events that I have to attend. I have: 2 classes, 1 cancelled class - but there's a catch to that, lab time for my bonnet, a political meeting to watch a friend get sworn into office, work at the art gallery, a fundraising dinner, a morning brunch to make up for the canceled class, a show to see that 2 friends are in, a wedding shower and a gyno appointment. I also need to pick up my robe for my FIT graduation and apply for extra tickets cause at this point, I don't have anywhere near enough for those who are close to me to attend. Frustrating beyond belief.

Tonight I have plans with Jen R. which should be nice. It's been a little while since I've seen her, so it's good to get together.

I did work on my MSU thesis last night. I think it needs one more round of editing and adding in information that I forgot to add. Then I will go through the paper and make sure each of the items on my proposal are included somewhere in the paper. After that, I will hand it in - and poof! I will be awarded a graduate degree!

Can't wait.

You have no idea.

I'm really starting to look at job opportunities. I always have looked, but now it's becoming more real. And that scares me in a way too.

Life is so unsettled and scary. Ouch. Can't think, just must continue to plow on.