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I worked on my bonnet today and made some progress. I just wish it were all coming along a bit faster.

I just got off the phone with Dave and he wanted to know if I wanted to go to ice cream with him. I would have loved to, but I feel it is better for me to get some work done. I have some edits to make for clients and doing homework is always a good thing as well. Next week, I am giving a presentation that is the final project for one class. I am hoping to hand in my MSU thesis on Friday, as I mentioned before. That leaves one cataloguing assignment for a class, and then the bonnet! Things are really moving along!

Cynthia wrote me a huge email about life and what is going on with her. I hate how were are all at the age where we are making decisions that actually matter in life. For years, we would spend summers in LBI, and we all just went to college cause that's what was 'expected.' Now, grad school/job choices/contacts all majorly matter, and it's tough. How can we be sure we choose things that will be both helpful and also make us happy? Life is hard, hahahaha!