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I went to the city pretty early this morning, and did some fabric shopping in the early morning for supplies for my bonnet. I then worked on it for a while, and then waited on a super long line to pick up my robe for graduation and graduation tickets. it hen went back to working on my bonnet for a few more hours, and was joined by my friend Kathleen who was working on her sewing project as well. We talked about life, and had as much fun as possible while doing schoolwork! I actually made progress and am very happy about that.

After that, I came home and made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Dave came over and seemed to enjoy it, and it was a nice, pleasant evening.

I then finished a logo package and sent it off to a client, and did layout edits for another client. I would like to work on another set of layout edits before the night is over, but I'd also like to finish my MSU thesis as well. My projected finish/hand-in date has now been moved to Monday instead of tomorrow - cause clearly it just won't happen for tomorrow. But Monday is good too!

I then painted my nails a pinky/lavendar. Looks very cool.


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May. 2nd, 2008 02:12 am (UTC)
i'm so freakin excited that this semester is ending, i've already signed up for my summer classes, acutally i guess i should say class bc all i have is a study type class that helps me prepare for my board exam and an internship, that means no hw, which means i get my life back and i couldn't be happy

i just felt the need to share since you were talking about all your projects coming to an end, i know exactly how you feel, this is actually more exciting then high school graduation don't you think? bc this time we know they hw is finished for good
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