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I had a terrible day.

My teacher canceled class on Wednesday and was holding a make-up lecture at her apartment, for a brunch. I woke up early and was excited, and was doing swimmingly well at getting there, until I got out of the Brooklyn tunnel. I needed to go 278E and the only option I had was 278W. I thought I could continue on and turn around. Nope. It was a bridge. I went for a few miles, and then got off at some random exit, and was lost in some not so nice area of Brooklyn for an hour. I called my friend Monica hysterical, thinking she was at the brunch and could ask directions (didn't have the teachers phone number). She hadn't made it to the brunch, but luckily used mapquest to figure out where the hell I was. At that point, it wasn't worth making it to the lecture, and I found my bearings and drove home. I was horrified. Honestly, I'm usually not all that lost. The other week Dave and I got misguided through the Bronx, but we were never completey LOST. Yeh, we didn't know where we were, but we knew which direction to continue through and that it would eventually get us home. I was continuing in a random direction that I thought would have been correct, but it ended me in some garage/industrial REALLY SHADY area. Turns out I was going the correct direction, but was just on a shady side street ("correct" direction at that point = putting me back to civilization) - I was about 3 blocks from the main street that would have made me feel so much better. I was a wreck. And I never want to drive to Brooklyn again alone. I was so pissed, when I got out of the tunnel, I knew I needed East and it just wasn't an option. Ugh.

So to make myself better, when I got home I made myself a honey-mustard swiss cheese and ham whole wheat wrap, and put in a chicken Webkinz, named Cornelia. I also went to Alyson's house, played Guitar Hero and ended up vacuuming her entire house.

I also worked on my Modern Textiles final presentation for a bit. I didn't accomplish as much on it as I would have liked, but I did begin it.

Here is my diner themed room I just made for Cornelia the Chicken:

Love it.

Dave is cooking for me tonight. I'm excited, should be fun!
Last night at the fundraiser/tricky tray, I didn't win anything :(

My mom won a dog grooming gift certificate and dog toy, my dad won the Titanic DVD and a Titanic book (haha), Michelle won a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant with a dish and dish towels. Alyson won a lot - she won "Margaritaville" themed basket with margarita mix, glasses, towels, chips, dip, stirrers, etc. For an instant "pool party" AND 5 free lessons of dog obedience (one of the larger prizes there). Very funny. We had a lot of fun though and I have lots of pics from the evening as well that I will post later.


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May. 3rd, 2008 09:16 pm (UTC)
i'm jealous, you have a lot of everything, like kinz cash, and wish tokens and justt plain old stuff lol how do you get that much money? do you just answer a lot of quizzy's triva? i need secrets, i usually keep about 4000 but that's it, and i spent it all last night decorating my yard, and i still haven't even bought a tree, now i have this elaborate idea of making another yard with a labyrinth in it made from those square bushes

i like the name you gave her, i take forever picking names and usually still end up not happy with the ones i pick

i need to make myself a webkinz icon, i'll do that after i'm finished with my hw and exams this week
May. 4th, 2008 03:58 am (UTC)
Well, I have more Webkinz than I'd care to admit, so a lot of this stuff I have been collecting from each pet. I buy rare items all the time (jukebox, the silver range/stove) and the bed is a super collector bed. The suit of armor is from the Roman Theme (rare) and the egg chair came with the chicken. I'm pretty sure the rest is just W Shop items.

The labyrinth sounds like a great idea!

To make money - I play Quizzy's word challenge, Where's Wacky, Tile Towers, Goober's Lab and color storm. I find that I win the most $ per game on those games. Also, with each pet, you get a couple thousand dollars. And yeh. I have a bunch, haha. I also have one outdoor yard with all strawberries planted, so when they harvest, I get a lot of money. (Strawberries give the highest return - the ripen the quickest, 7 days, and you get $7 per each strawberry you sell)

Also, I don't know if this makes you feel better or worse, but the coins in my dock were 1000 coins, not wish tokens.

Wish tokens - I get them with each pet of the month, and occassional they have wheels or token balloon darts, and I get extras there. You just need to look at the schedule each day, and find which games will get you money or tokens, and do them!! (Without become obsessed, like me...lol)

Hope that helps!
May. 4th, 2008 02:25 am (UTC)
{{{hugs}}} I'm so sorry you were so scared, but I'm happy to hear a little Guitar Hero and Webkinz made it all better. :) I love you!! And thanks again for the vaccuming help, lol!
May. 6th, 2008 05:17 am (UTC)
The Webkinz room
Ha Ha Ha. I luv the webkins room. It looks just like a diner here in So. Cali named Rubys.
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