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Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

I just finished painting my nails. I decided not to go to church again this week to do homework instead. I just hope that I actually *do* homework to justify not going. It's just that since the church is far away, going takes up an entire day (hour there, hour back, hour and a half in the church, half hour for lunch, half hour to go to my townhouse, etc.) Most weekends, it's fun and exciting and a nice day trip. I just can't do that today. :(

I bought my mom the new lioness webkinz and one for myself. It's adorable. I'm addicted to these things - but I figure it's a cheap way to add excitement to my existence and it calms when when I'm stressed with homework and projects. One quick game immediately puts me in a better mood!

Last night, Dave made corned beef throughout the day, so I arrived with cabbage and potatoes and we had an instant dinner. We then made cupcakes, and each kept a dozen for Mother's Day for our moms. (except I ate two of my mother's dozen...oops) I told Dave that he should get 11 and I should get 11 and he laughed saying it wasn't his mom's fault that I ate too many cupcakes and that she shouldn't be 'punished' for that, hahahaha.

We then went on some errands and returned a pair of shorts he had previously bought. At home, we watched "My Cousin Vinny" but we both fell asleep since we've seen it so many times. It was a nice evening!

I finished the 3rd and final edition of my MSU thesis. Tomorrow I will hand in this one, and then really be finished with it. Today I need to do freelance edits and other homework and papers. Wish me luck! My chemistry test for FIT is also coming up and that makes me nervous!


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May. 11th, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)
i thought the lioness was so cute, i want to get her eventually but i'm really excited about the pink dragon lol have you gotten that one yet? last night i won an ebay auction for the pink pony and the pink poodle, i'm addicted to so don't feel bad, i just wish that they didn't cost $15 bc i just want the code, i don't want the stuffed animals but i don't know how to get rid of them that i won't feel bad for wasting $15 a peice, i try to get them cheaper through ebay and price compairing, i found a deal at the mall the other day where you could get 2 for $25 or 3 for $35 but i still think that's a lot for a code lol
May. 12th, 2008 02:38 pm (UTC)
The pink pony and poodle are adorable! You're going to love them!

My sister actually just gave me a pink dragon as part of my graduation gift. I think it's so cute, and I'm excited to put it in!!!
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