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Today I ate 3 cupcakes! hahaha The plate with the cupcakes is almost empty - I think a lot of people have been hitting them throughout the day! I'm glad they were a hit!

Today my mom and I spent the morning redecorating my Webkinz rooms. I realize this is pretty pathetic, but it was mindless and fun.

Here are my rooms for my lion and lioness, and my turtle:

Very fun.

I then finished my time log for the bonnet, my power point presentation on my conservation process of the bonnet, and my hand-in photo log of the process of the bonnet. So, I did get a lot of paperwork finished for the conservation class. That's a good thing!

I also contacted on client about edits, and did edits for another.

I still aim to do more homework tonight. I'm on a mission, I will get it all done!