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What were you doing 10 years ago?

1998, spring. I was a freshman in high school, co-captain of the cheerleading squad. My boyfriend was named Bryan, and was a junior. He took me to the jr. prom and I felt cool. He had a car, drove me around, and was on the Varsity baseball team. I was modeling to make money. (I barely knew Dave - but he was a senior in high school, and we were at the same school. I remember staring at his picture in the yearbook for the swim team - he was wearing jeans and no shirt, and I thought he was the hottest thing) I had just started web design.

What are 5 things you need to do today? (Things I did today/ needed to do)

1. Finished sewing the bonnet/conservation work
2. Returned my lab coat to FIT
3. Cleaned my locker out at FIT and took home my lock
4. Went shopping with Kathleen to the FIT bookstore to buy FIT sweatshirts just cause, went to the FIT street fair and bought a really neat, interesting, unique necklace for myself.
5. Hung out with Dave

What are some snacks you enjoy?

* cheese
* cold cuts - ham!
* green apple slices, with or without caramel
* meringues

What would you do if you were a billionaire? (How much more is a billion than a million? 100 millions? 1 million millions?)

* I don't know if I would "do" anything differently. I'd probably still hold some kind of job cause I'd get bored. However, I would own more real estate.
* I currently donate to a bunch of animal organizations, but my donations would be a bit larger.
* Buy a bigger boat with Dave.

What are 3 bad habits?

1. Talking a lot
2. Picking my nose (seriously)
3. Being SUPER judgmental

Name 5 places you have lived

My home
My townhouse
My LBI house
(that's only 3)

What are 5 jobs you've had?

* Model
* Health Department for my city
* Web Designer
* Administrative Assistant in the Office of the President for my university
* Art Gallery assistant
and I will throw waitress in there for good measure. Those are basically all of my jobs, ever. I have done other projects for money, like sewing educational costumes for the Cloisters/Metropolitan Museum of Art, but the others are long term, real jobs.

Today was my LAST DAY EVER at FIT. It was actually quite sad. I went to the lab with my friend Kathleen and we both did finishing touches on our conservation projects for our qualifying papers. Then she and I went to the bookstore since we each wanted to buy an FIT sweatshirt since it's over, and we figured at some point in our lives, we would want to wear it. The one I bought is BRIGHT PINK. Love it.

Then we walked around the FIT flea market/fair/whatever, and I bought a handmade necklace with turquoise, a pearl, a crystal and some other tumbled stone, with like a hang down thing of a flattened, hammered metal. It's interesting, and cost $20. Kathleen told me I should have haggled, but whatever. I had a $20 in my wallet. I just seemed easy to hand it over. I'm happy and wearing it now.

I also had an appointment to view all of the calash bonnets in the FIT museum collection. That will help me immensely for writing my paper, and was quite fun.

My mom made flounder for dinner, and I love fish, so that was cool. The only negative is that the house smells fishy to me now. Boo.

I went over Dave's in the evening - John, Lisa, Michelle and Thorsten were there. Dave was sleeping for a majority of the time that I was there. We drank tea and talked about life - Dave's mom was telling me and Lisa about her school experience getting her BA and MA, and it was really nice.

I came home, watched tv with my mom for a bit, and am now puttering around in the internet, playing webkinz, that sort of thing.

I received my FIT final chemistry test. Now I just need to DO IT. It's due Monday by email at 12 noon. I really should get a head start on it.

Thank you everyone for your kind words in the comments of yesterday's entry! It's exciting!!


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May. 16th, 2008 03:46 am (UTC)
Blah, chemistry. Good luck on that one! No fun. I'd love to see a pic of the necklace, it sounds pretty!
May. 16th, 2008 05:51 pm (UTC)
i've been meaning to ask you for your screenname on webkinz, even though i'm not entirely sure how to use it i thought i could add you as a friend on that phone thing lol and i found out yesterday while i was lurking on the webkinz insider forum that you could invite people to a room in your house, i thought that was neat, i can't believe how many pets some of these people have, i feel like they must be a dealer or stealing the tags or something, i just don't understand how they can have like 15 unicorns, or how the people on ebay can afford to auction them off for so cheap, i feel like there's some secret to getting them cheaper that i'm missing out on lol and i'm addicted so i need to know
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