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I need to finish my chem exam today. Yesterday just ending up being a bad day. In the early afternoon, Charley was outside with Rory, Molly and Bobby, and stopped playing and made these really funny sounds. We thought he was choking, and then he stopped. Then it started up again. We rushed him to the emergency doggy hospital, and they took a look at him and he was fine. Then, they brought him to use to discharge him, and it all started up again. He puked up foam with some red stuff in it (blood?) and was just making this little horrible noises. So, they did an x-ray of his entire system, and found that nothing was caught.

They ultimately came up with esophogitis, thinking that he ate something that irritated him on the way down. His little cough/choke fits were his way of trying to realize the irritation.

So, they gave him medication and we just need to watch him. It was soooo scary though. Poor little guy! The bill was ridiculous though - oh man. We were so glad he is completely checked out though - we were all so worried!

When I finally got home, it was hours later than I had intended, and Dave and I went to a cute little pizza place in a nearby town. The pizza was really good, and we chatted and talked about all the upcoming events that are going on, and just enjoyed our little "date" night. Then we went to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream, which was nice as well.

We then went back to his house, and I talked to his mom for a while. She's wonderful - I really enjoy spending time with her! hahaha

Then Dave and I fell asleep. Wild evening!


May. 19th, 2008 01:05 pm (UTC)
i hope charley feels better soon! that sounds so scary!