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This is on my facebook, but I figured I would place it here as well for kicks - click, I'm curious to see what happens! Thanks!

Last night I was at Dave's and talking to his mom. After Michelle's wedding, there is going to be an informal BBQ at her cousin's house, since her wedding is during the day. Michelle had wanted to wear a white dress to this BBQ, so Mrs. B. bought her one. It turns out she didn't like the way it fit, so she had me try it on. It fit beautifully and was a really flattering style! So, she gave it to me! I was so happy!

Dave and I hung out in the evening and watched parts of Knocked Up. Funny. We also ate dinner with his parents.

Today I'm at work, and still making my way through my big project!

I also started a layout for a new client yesterday and I'm pleased with the way it is turning out. When I go home today, I will hopefully be able to work on it some more.

Back to work, just a quick update! Thank you everyone for the sweet comments about my FIT graduation pictures!
Tags: dave, graduation, mrs b, wedding
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