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It's been a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I'm sad that today is the last day of this "vacation."

Friday after graduation, I napped and then went over Dave's in the evening. I made myself swiss grilled cheese and Dave ate soup. We watched "Accepted" and just were kinda blah - he was tired from going out on his boat and I was tired from graduation.

On Saturday, I just hung around the house in the morning, and made cupcakes for a party we went to that evening. At the party, we played a lot of volleyball. I'm not the best volleyball player, but I don't suck. There were some times were I sorta reverted back to the girl who shrieks and runs away from the ball in gym class - however, every time I actually attempted to volley the ball and made contact, it was a really nice hit. So - we I tried and hit it, it was good. I only had a couple "Scream and Runs." I didn't play volleyball in high school or anything, but one day, the volleyball coaches saw me playing (Even though I had Dance Gym where we danced instead of gym class, there were some random days were we didn't dance, and had to play gym with the common riff-raff of the school. I dreaded those days) But - the coaches wanted me to play for them cause again - I don't suck totally at volleyball. Looking back on it, I kinda wish I had, but whatever.

So, we ate cheeseburgers, dip and played volleyball. Amazingly, I didn't take any pictures.

On Sunday morning, my mom and I went to church. Afterwards, we went out to lunch and then shopped at the outdoor mall there (one of my favorite shopping locations, ever!). We then also took a quick trip to the big mall, and then went off to my townhouse. I did some quick cleaning, took in my mail, sorted it, and then we just relaxed there for a bit.

I then came home, and Dave and I watched "National Treasure" with his parents, after going out for frozen yogurt.

This morning, I have a list of a billion things that I want to do. I want to clean the house more (I started some yesterday), I want to clean my car, wash Tuffy, write a proposal for a new client, design a layout for a new client, do some billing, and get ready for my informal mini-BBQ that I am hosting today. Busy day!


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May. 27th, 2008 01:08 am (UTC)
I love outdoor malls! I wish we had one around here.

I'm the same way with volleyball. I'm not the best player, but I'm not the worst either, hahaha. : )
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