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Picture of my hat from the 2005 graduation - I was just looking through MSU graduation stuff online at work, and re-found that, and thought I'd share. I didn't decorate my hat (either one) this time around. Oh well.

The BBQ yesterday went well! We had bacon cheeseburgers, hot dogs, salad, grapes, mozzarella sticks, potato salad, & coleslaw. Dave helped me out with the grilling and I did basic food preparation. It was wonderful weather and we sat outside and ate it was just a nice kick-off for the summer. Two BBQs this weekend, and both were great!

After that, we all watched National Treasure - we watched Part 2 Sunday night with Dave's parents, so Dave and I wanted to watch Part 1. My family had already seen it, but they all watched it again with us. After that, Dave and I took a walk around the neighborhood and hung out with my neighbor Charlie and his fiancee Donna.

Today I am at work - my boss is throwing a party for my graduation this afternoon, and I'm super excited. I saw the cake she brought, and the chocolate fondue fountain and all the goodies for that. Very cool. It makes me feel appreciated and loved and I think it is extremely sweet of her. Thank you!!

I need to update the Alpha Iota Chi website that I maintain. I have been slacking on including up to date pictures. I at least want to be sure to include graduation!

My best friend and her boyfriend broke up. I feel bad for her :(

Back to work. I'm in the middle of re-formatting a page and needed a quick break.


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May. 27th, 2008 05:15 pm (UTC)
that is one nice boss! i don't think my boss even KNOWS what is going on in my life...or me, actually.

all your bbq talk is making me hungry!
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