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My mom and I did our good deed for the day.

I left work early to help my mom pick up a Boston Terrier at an Animal Shelter a few cities away (ok - like, a half hour away) and we then met up with the woman who will be his Foster Mother. The trip took 4 hours total since the shelter was far, and then the meet up point with the Foster Mother was far. However, it was totally worth it. He was such a sweet little boy and I hate to think of why anyone would have given him up! I hate people. But now, he's rescued and out of the shelter and will be placed for adoption.

I'm now home and just did some web edits for a client.

My phone rang a gazillion times today. I'm normally semi-popular, but not that popular! I talked to Dave, Steph and Laura S. online at work, one of the girls in my sorority about future party plans, Cynthia, one of my friends from FIT, and Jen R. It was funny - just each time I put the phone down, it rang again. And at work, my AIM immer kept going too. Makes me feel loved.

I'm going to check out what is on HBO On Demand. I'm bored and tired from the long drive.