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Work today went well. Nothing too exciting, but it was a decent day.

I'm home now and did some freelance billing and edits. My invitations for my graduation party came in the mail today from Shutterfly and now I am deciding whether or not I should hand write the envelopes or print labels. Life has some major decisions, doesn't it?

I stopped by the bank after work since I hadn't been in what seems like forever. So, now all my checks are cashed it feels good! A web client also paid me today through PayPal which also made me happy!

Dave and I hung out last night at his place, and possibly have plans for this evening. Tomorrow he is going out on his boat with his father which will be nice for the two of them. I'm kinda jealous - I'll just be at work.

At Dave's last night, I talked a lot to his mother and father and Dave's cousin who also happend to be over. We were talking about my school and graduations and job stuff that is on the horizon. It was nice - I love that I get along with his family really well. That's super important to me.

Even though school is basically over (with the exception of finishing my qualifying paper for FIT...) I still have a large to-do list! I thought that would calm down a bit, but it totally hasn't. Ha. Now it's just more fun things like thank you's for graduation gifts, scrapbooking, sewing, invitations and e-mails for clients.

I'm making rice now for dinner and my mom is baking some chicken. I'm hungry!


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May. 30th, 2008 12:08 am (UTC)
I'm so lazy about handwriting envelopes sometimes, hahaha. I designed cute address labels on VistaPrint.com, so now I have an excuse not to handwrite my address on them! : )
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