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Today I actually did a lot of "stuff."

I woke up and put in my Elephant Pet of the Month - and that made me super happy.

I then vacuumed and washed my car cause it really needed it. Then, I used the little green clean machine to shampoo the carpeting of the family room. It's amazing the dirt that it gets out - the waste water is soooo gnarly after using that thing.

I then washed Tuffy - then Charley, then Rory, then Bob then Molly. I washed five dogs today! I had on a bathing suit top for doing my car and then I figured since the weather was nice, it would be a good idea to bathe all the dogs as well. They all smell much better, and hopefully I have some tan from being outside!

After that, I helped my mother put food away since she had done a major trip of food shopping, and then we went to Alyson and Jim's for dinner. I'm back now, and there are a few more projects I'd like to work on this evening. I also have some web work to do, and I hope to be able to work on that as well!

Tomorrow is work. Our summer hours change and I will now have Fridays off, which is wonderful! I also want to start bringing my embroidery to work so I can work on that on my lunch break. I did that last summer and it was pleasant sitting outside and stitching.

Dave called me this morning and told me about the all day bachelor festivities. He said he was still tired cause yesterday had been a big day. Good for him for doing guy bonding and all that bachelor party week is the wedding! It's amazing how quickly time goes by since I remember when they first got engaged. Also, before he proposed, he came to my house and showed my mom and I the ring. He was going to the LBI house for the weekend with Lisa and was going to propose while he was there. Fun memories!

Since it is the first of the month, it is time to do a 101 in 1001 update!

4 &5. I graduated from both MSU and FIT. (I have not finished my FIT thesis yet though, so that's a bit of a technicality, but whatever.)

8. I'm working on finding full time employment after graduation, and so far, so good!

49. I'm making my way through savings. My goal for that account is a bit high ($20,000) but I'm saving at a rapid rate - anything that doesn't come from my main web job (all freelance work, gifts, etc.) is going straight to savings. I hope I continue saving at this rate!

I had purchased a J Crew shirt yesterday and wasn't convinced I was going to keep it. However, my mom and I paired it with other items from my closet and it works great. So, I'm keeping it! It's this shirt, in pale almond - which is a light gold. After looking through my summer things, we pulled out 2 gold tanks that looked identical to it, one light pink lace that was close to it, another pink with shirring that was kinda close, and some other tank tops that were kinda similar. This one can be a bit more formal though - some of the others are just tank tops for layering and aren't good as shirts themselves. So, I decided to definitely keep it! I may also wear it to the rehearsal dinner for John's wedding. I have to decide what dresses I want to wear to each event and wedding and whatnot. I actually need to think it through and plan it out, cause I hate when I have things that don't get worn just sitting in my closet!

Maybe I'll go scrapbook now...
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