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Tonight is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for John and Lisa's wedding. I think I am going to the church with Dave even though I'm not part of the wedding that needs "rehearsing." Dave called me this morning and is upset cause his tux jacket is too big, as are the shoes. He said he paid extra for "new" shoes as opposed to "old" shoes, but they just don't fit. He's going to go fix that on lunch. That sucks.

Last night, one of my client's sites went live:

I'm excited! They seem pleased and they've been really lovely to work with.

I have the day off today (yey for summer hours at a state institution!) Last night, I designed a business card for a client and did some other web edits. I still have a couple of layouts to make, and some other edits. That will keep me busy today. I'm always thankful for freelance work!!

The only other thing I really need to do today is my nails. I need them to look decent for tonight and the wedding on Sunday. I'll get to that at some point today. I also have a basket full of clean clothing that needs to be ironed, and I'd like to re-steam my bubble hem skirt and shirt for this evening (I did it the other day, but I can't stand wrinkles or creases!)

I also am working on a cover letter for job applications which is actually kind of stressful.

Ok. That's a pretty good morning update. Off to do web work!