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Back at work! I'm a bit tired since it was such a busy weekend, but I'm hanging in there!

I don't actually have that many pictures from the wedding. My camera batteries died at the start of the reception (I kinda forgot to charge them) and at the church, it wasn't easy to take pictures. My mom had her camera and took a few of me and stuff at the reception. I have to borrow her card and download them.

I felt really a part of the family. I was at the start of the cocktail hour, and one of Dave's cousin's husband (a groomsman) tapped me on the shoulder, and told me I was needed for pictures. I was figuring they were doing bridesmaid/groomsman with significant others. I get to this room and John, Dave, Michelle, Mr. and Mrs. B, (Thorsten and I walked down together) and the bride, with her parents, sister, brother in law and two nephews. They called me for the groom's family picture! *I* know Dave and I are super serious, but it just felt nice to be SO included. The photographer even took one of just Dave and I which I thought was nice and I hope I get a copy of it at some point.

And, while talking to guests, I think I've landed a new client. Nothing like a little wedding networking, right?

Ok. Back to work.