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Good morning all. Life has been fun lately. Ha.

Our power went out yesterday, which was odd considering that most of NJ lost its power during the storm. It turns out a tree hit a transformer taking out the power for 2 streets. My street is one of them. I can't stand it! I just don't like it - it's dark, I have no alarm clock, I have no internet, I can't charge my cell phone.

Later on today, I will be transferring all of my frozen meat in the freezer to an extra freezer at Dave's (he has 3 fridge/freezers - who knew!? I didn't even know that) Two of our neighbors work for the local power group - one in labor and one in the corporate end. We won't be getting power back until Friday. We are on the bottom of the "to fix" list since the rest of the state lost power before us. We were the last to lose it, and will be the last to get it back. Goodie.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with Dave's mom talking about life, while sitting in the backyard. This was before the power went out. Dave had to go in for a special event at work in the evening, and I had just gotten back from Dave's best friend's mother's wake. We couldn't go together cause of work, but I was just talking to her about things that have happened, upcoming events, my job, my job hunt, etc. All of a sudden, I look over and Charley is at the base of a tree in our backyard, swatting something. It looked like a huge bug. I walk over - the thing is running of the tree away from Charley, and then it is his eye level - and he swats it down again. It climbs up, he swats it. He then paws at the ground. And it occurs to me.

The "thing" is a mouse! I told Mrs. B. that I had to go remove my dog from a mouse. Ugh. She laughed and was like, "good luck." My mom was in the background, screaming!

We removed Charley from our backyard (Rory was there too egging him on, but wasn't involved really) into Alyson's backyard. I then walked over to the tree expecting to see a mutilated mouse, but it was totally fine. It was a baby! He was so small! He was sitting at the base of the tree, catching his breath, and at first I thought he was hurt. But, then he ran away under the deck, totally happy.

And then my mom and dad and I were like, great. Now he's going to try to live in our kitchen. Can't wait for him to grow up and move in!

See, we don't kill our mice. My dad invented this contraption that lets a cage fall down on them, leaving them unharmed. We then transport them to fields and what not. Not totally sure if that is 100% legal, but whatever. We really don't kill things unnecessarily. Dave was also once telling me he was in a college classroom, and a mouse ran in. Everyone started screaming, so he picked it up by the tail and brought it outside. Nice guy.

So yeh. We saved a mouse from the wrath of Charles.

This morning on the way to work, I stopped by a mailbox to mail a job application, a bill for my townhouse and some cards. Ya know, regular mail. The mail box is on the corner of a house that was leveled, the land was re-zoned, and the one plot is now two plots with huge new houses on it. Whatever, that doesn't bother me. It just brought up the neighborhood, ya know? These two houses are now bringing in two families that can afford that kind of house. No problem by me.

But, what did bother me is the sprinkler system. The sprinkler was aimed DIRECTLY AT THE MAILBOX. It's a hot day and I'm in a skirt, so I put the mail in the box quickly. But seriously. Who plans this type of stuff? And did they aim it on purpose at the mailbox? If I had been wearing jeans, I would have gotten soaked. I was just bare legged in a skirt, so it dried. Ugh. Frustrating.

So, that is my day of frustrations. Poor attacked mouse. No power. Badly placed sprinklers.

On the good side of life, today is payday! Dave has a shortened day of work and is attending the funeral. After work he is getting a haircut and we have tentative plans to do something. Not sure what yet though.

This weekend is Father's Day, and in the past, we have done a combined activity with my dad and his dad. Generally, it involves some type of field trip to a local attraction and a BBQ. We have yet to make the plans for this Sunday, but we shall!

Back to work time.


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Jun. 12th, 2008 02:40 pm (UTC)
wow quite a day! glad the mouse is ok :) hope you get your power back soon.
Jun. 12th, 2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
Ew mice. You're nicer than me. When we get them in the house they ALWAYS seem to be in MY room for some reason. I am seriously freaked out by them.

We've never had a major power outage her. Nothing that wasn't fixed within an hour. That would seriously suck to not have it for a day or more.
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