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Tuesday morning! I'm still amazed at how quickly the days go by. Now that I am working full time hours, days are over in a flash. It's so weird!

Last night I just lounged around. I came home and had leftover bbq food from the party, which was really yummy. I tested the pool water, and applied for a few more jobs. (I think my total is about 10 so far - we'll see what happens - maybe nothing!)

I then took Tuffy up to my room cause the little dogs were like, going crazy, and I just sat in bed and watched the Bachelorette. I fell asleep at some point, but woke about an hour later. I then talked on the phone with Cynthia and Jennifer M. Jen just got engaged on Monday night, so we were talking about that! I'm so happy for her - I was friends with her fiance in high school, and he's a really great guy and I think they're really well suited for one another. So that's exciting! While we were talking, I told her to just enjoy the engagement for a while and not even THINK about dresses, bouquets and the like. And she said, "Ya know, you're the first person to say that! Everyone else keeps asking when the wedding is!" And I'm thinking to myself, are people serious? Within 24 hours they seriously ask about dates and wedding locations? People are nuts.

She hasn't updated her facebook status yet, and I feel honored to have heard about it through her, rather than an internet site, hahaha.

Dave's puppy is doing well - she went to the vet yesterday and has a clean bill of health. Very cool.


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Jun. 17th, 2008 06:50 pm (UTC)
Are they serious?! Honestly, that poor girl - just got engaged and really you're right, she hasn't even had a moment to enjoy it yet with all the questions! Maybe after your conversation with her she'll just tell people for a couple days "We'll decide on everything soon enough". :)

By the way that puppy they got is totally adorable! This week has been a flood of people updating so I'm having a hard time finding all the posts I've wanted to comment on, so I'm just telling you here instead. :) She does look like a mini-version of your dog!
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