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Hello all.

This evening, I built a site for a web client and then did a lot of accounting for my web business. I'm just finishing it all up now. For dinner, my mom made spaghetti. Yum. My boss brought asiago cheesy bread to work today and I grazed on that throughout the day as well, which was super yummy.

I have another large round of web edits that I should work on, but I guess that will be tomorrow's project.

I also did some laundry this evening, and I still have a lot of ironing to do from last week that never got finished. It's amazing - my closet it usually never at full capacity cause I never get my act together enough to have all of my laundry finished at any point. It's not too bad, but there are still a few pairs of pants in a basket waiting to be ironed.

Not much more to say...I am starting to hear back about my job applications! Exciting!


Facebook says my pledge sister Kathy is engaged! Yey! I'm so happy for her and Dan! They are so cute together!!!