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My graduation party is next weekend, and as of now, it is supposed to rain. I will freak out!

Last night, we were supposed to go out to a restaurant that's kinda far away, but plans changed. Instead, my mom, dad, Alyson, Dave and I went to a local restaurant and had blast. I'm going to eat my leftovers for lunch today and that is exciting. The dinner was in honor of my graduation, so I don't know if now it is going to be rescheduled, but whatever. At least we had fun!

I'm pretty much all caught up and up to date with my freelance web design work. I need some information from various clients before I can move forward with any of the sites. It's a nice place to be at - I don't feel the need to overwork and "catch up." I bet that they will all supply their information at the same time though - making me busy! If so, so be it! But at least for the day I'm all caught up!

Dave and I took Tuffy on a nice long walk around the neighborhood last night after dinner. The weather was great and it was just really pleasant. There are a lot of homes in my area that are being completely renovated which is kinda cool. So we were looking at them and just checking out home addition trends.

I applied for two more jobs over the weekend that seem really cool.

I think that's about all I have to say for my weekend!


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Jun. 24th, 2008 05:05 am (UTC)
I feel like all I am doing now is applying for jobs... and none are working out! ugh... I totally feel u on that! Congrats on finishing school!
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