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It's kinda funny - now that school is over and I'm working full time hours, my day to day routine has changed drastically. It's not better or worse, it just is.

When I was younger, I danced for at least 3 hours each day. I never had any pain doing any type of stretching. I could hold my leg above my head forever and not even wince.

Now - I'm spending time each night stretching. In the "russian split" stretch, I used to be able to lie down and fall asleep. Now - my legs are no way anywhere near a split, and I can barely lean on my elbows. It's so sad. I feel like I'm getting so old. Granted, I really don't need that insane type of flexibility anymore, but it feels like a last fleeting bit of childhood that I want to hold onto. Also - if I want to ever dance in a show again (and I would like to) I want to work on it now so I won't kill myself then! I also have been walking the dog lately and using the weights that Dave bought me last year. I have never really been one to "work out" and this is like MAJOR for me, hahaha.

On lunch today, I ran errands cause it just needed to be done. Last week, I bought a white smocked terrycloth bathing suit cover up dress from Target. It was $17 and I ended up wearing it like, 5 times already when out by the pool. I went back today to buy more in different colors. ($17? How can you beat that! It works for the beach, pool, etc. Love it!) They were sold out. So, instead I walked around the bathing suit section - and ended up buying two bathing suits. Now, I have a million bathing suits, and this may make me sound super snotty, but so be it. A lot of my bathing suits are like, Juicy Couture, Lucky - and cost more than I'd ever like to admit. However, I'm now in chlorine water like, 4 times a week instead of just lounging on a beach in a suit that may or may not get wet. And some of my suits are super cute but not as "durable" (like a Juicy Couture terry one that when wet, is actually kinda heavy!)

So. Target suits are $14.99 per piece. $30 a suit! Oh man. Some of my suits are more than $30 just for a top! So, I purchased two so I can wear them to the pool and not worry about if I sit on concrete near the edge of the pool and pill the butt. I won't worry if the chlorine is high and they get faded. I won't worry if I don't have time to wash them immediately after swimming. Plus they're super cute. But, since I have issues and it still is $60 of bathing suits, I want to try them on at home - get approval from Alyson, my mom or Dave. I also ended up buying a spritz bottle for bleach and water for cleaning - my current bleach/water spritz bottle is broken. The pump doesn't work. And - one of my favorite cleaners came in a pump bottle, and that pump broke too! So, I bought two. Then I also got Thank Yous for $2.99 (I love Target for paper goods), a blank card that I'll use at some point (it was super cute) and 2 Moxie chocolate bars in interesting flavors.

Oh right. Then I went back to work and bought two of the terry dresses on Target.com. One is black and was $17.99. The other is chocolate and was on sale for $8! With shipping, it's as if I purchased them both full price - which was my intention today! So yeh. I do have a job. I paid of everything that I bought at J Crew and the Gap the other day. My credit card bills are all basically at $0 this month, so what the hell. Plus, tomorrow is payday.

I then got gas (I had a half tank already and only need a half - that was $21) My gas expenses are pretty low, it seems. I don't fill up all that often and my work commute is short.

I haven't decided my future - I was talking to my mother today and we discussed that GRE scores expire after like, 5 years. I'm not sure if I want a PhD. I mean, I do. But I don't know when, and I don't know my working situation. However, I may want to start applying now while my scores are still good. I don't want to have to take the GRE again. Then, if I get in - I can go part time or hold off for a year (I deferred FIT for year to start MSU) So, it's sorta like, gee, "no pressure." However, it is something that I ultimately want. However, the thought of not having to write a check for tuition is really appealing.

So back to my original thought on this post - my life is so different now. I go to work. I run mundane errands on lunch. I go home. I clean. I walk the dog. I sit by the pool. I read. I go to bed early cause otherwise I don't make it to work on time. I wake up and repeat.

Now, I should not complain! How many times did you all read my complaining about the stress of school? And I am proud of myself for getting through it all! And this is relaxing and pleasant, especially now that it's summer. But it's just a complete 180 degree change from what life was like 6 months ago! So yes, I do want a PhD, but do I want to go back to insane class work and work? At least I'll only be doing one degree at a time this time around....ha.

My boss is at a conference all day and has been imming me edits. She gave me some, and they're all finished, and now just told me to GO HOME! Woohoo! Love my job.


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Jun. 25th, 2008 07:56 pm (UTC)
You know what.. so many people say how much they "miss" their carefree youth days, but know what? I don't! I mean okay, part of me misses lounging around all summer, sitting outside on the lawn reading books or drawing or whatever; but the other part of me is actually really glad to be a "grown up". Maybe I just enjoy responsibility? I think actually, I like the freedom and better lifestyle that comes with being responsible as an adult. I do. I think that every year of my life, I enjoy more and more as it goes on!

So your life may seem "mundane" at the moment but you do have a lot of freedoms now that you never had at a younger age, right! For instance, you work, so it allows you the freedom and luxury to go out and purchase some items at your leisure, which is a nice feeling.

Gotta say, I'm enjoying my focus on school, but with not working I do miss casual shopping!! (Okay, I DID also buy a bathing suit recently, but.. it was also on sale! Old Navy.. they had tons of cute pieces, 14.99 for top or bottom, so you understand! How could I resist a cute, inexpensive suit! I pretty much buy a new one every year anyway. I get bored I guess. Variety!)

But I do miss shopping haha. How vain, I know. I think for my birthday I'm going to ask my parents for contributions toward shoes/purse/or clothes (but more likely shoes/purses!) Those are the little things I miss the most. Aaaand a new shoe catalogue for my little shoe people comes out 2 weeks after my bday. Perfect timing. :)

What's going on with Dave lately? I think you said he's been working.. does he live with his parents or have his own place? I'm not being nosy, I'm just curious!

Well, your life sounds a little routine but in a good way. Not a negative routine! And you have the time outside of work to lounge or do whatever you choose, what's wrong with that!? :)
Jun. 25th, 2008 09:32 pm (UTC)
i just picked up a cute bathing suit at target too! it was like $17 for each piece which was fantastic. i got a simple black tankini style because i need something i can comfortably jump around in at the ocean. my other suits are more like yours - for laying, not really swimming. it's definitely an unbeatable price.

i also love their cards and stationary...they have cute photo albums as well :)
Jun. 27th, 2008 02:55 am (UTC)
Gotta luv Target, they have pretty much everything there at awesome prices. Especially the $1 section, lots of scrapbooking stuff.
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