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Thursday - my boss told me to leave work a bit early. So, I went home and hung out by the pool with my mom for a few hours. I swam a lot and read bits of Harry Potter 4. It was realllllly nice and I'm glad I had that time to just relax and hang out.

Yesterday was the 4th of July, and I honestly kinda thought that Dave and I would be in LBI. But, it didn't happen. My father went down for the day to turn on the water at the house (hadn't been done yet!) and do some other opening-of-the-house-for-the-season projects. I was also planning on just going down with him, but he wasn't sure if he was going for the day or overnight, and I couldn't leave my mom with the dogs, so I just decided to stay home. instead, I went out by the pool - but the weather wasn't too great. I ended up just reading HP4 on a lounge chair.

After that, my mom and I did some shopping. I was at Dave's house Thursday night, and his mom had shown me clothing that she bought at Talbot's - they were having a really big sale. So, my mom wanted to go there and I was just in the mood to walk around. I didn't buy much - I bought a dress from Banana Republic that I had admired a few months ago (one left, in my size, for $30! Can't beat that!) and a pair of giraffe print canvas ballet flats that I had also admired for a while and were an extra 25% off the already low-reduced sale price. So, it was a rather inexpensive trip for me, but I got 2 things that I had been watching for a while at really great prices.

After the shopping, I came home and made 4 dozen cupcakes. 2 dozen are for a party my great aunt is hosting for today for a family friends' son who just graduated high school. The other 2 dozen were for Dave's family's 4th of July BBQ. My mom and I went to Dave's house (Alyson and Jim were at Jim's sister's house, and my dad was still at the shore house.) The food was so yummy and for some reason, I really love the fact that my family and Dave's family are close. There are a lot of holidays and events that we do combined, and it makes life very easy and very fun. (No party-hopping, or decisions to make about where to go!) I love it. We had a lot of fun - food was wonderful. Then, Alyson arrived in the evening. Dave's front lawn has a great view of our city's fireworks, so she had gotten home by the point and arrived to see the show.

Dave and I then hung out for a while and watched a really depressing news show on Tornados. Yikes.

Here are my pictures from yesterday:

I wore the new top that I had recently posted in the Boston Buddies community- my mom bought it for me and I love it. I posed with each baby in my doggie top. Here is Tuffy and me with the new bright blue Puppia.

Rory and I. She puts her ears up in pictures and "poses."

Oh Charles, you're a mess! His ears are uneven, the teeth are yellow, he has one ball! But he is the most adorable dog I have ever seen. I love this kid. His tongue was wagging and I couldn't get him to look "normal" for the picture. Eh - shows his personality.

Michelle and Thorsten at the BBQ.

Dave and I.

My mom and I at the BBQ.

Dave with Joey and Gracie. That is Gracie's new bed, but Joey likes to sit on it. He probably likes it just because it's hers. Ha.

Michell and Gracie. She is 14 lbs now. She's getting bigger and is a cute little trouble maker! Dave's family has grape leave vines in their backyard and she had a field day chewing on them. She has such a fresh, cute little face!

My father said the door on the outdoor shower in the LBI house had fallen off. That's so weird since we recently got new siding and the door was put on then. Eh- that's so weird.


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Jul. 5th, 2008 06:29 pm (UTC)
i love your dogs!!! they are so sweet. your top is really cute :)
Jul. 6th, 2008 01:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)
Jul. 6th, 2008 07:39 pm (UTC)
cute pics, adorable shirt!
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