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Today is another day! When I look at the calendar, I am so shocked to see that the summer is flying by. My summer is going well, but at the same time, it isn't super fabulous or anything. Eh.

Last night I went shopping with Dave - he is looking for a new comforter to pair with his current duvet cover. We didn't really see anything we liked, but we walked around Macy's, the Gap, Banana Republic and Linens and Things. We didn't buy anything, but we got some ideas and looked around a lot.

I also read a bunch of Harry Potter 4. I need to get book 5 since I don't have it yet, and will be finished with book 4 fairly soon.

I'm still pretty behind on web site edits. I should get my act together and finish all the work I have to do. My desk at work is also a mess - and although I'm doing a lot of projects and finishing them, it still seems as if there is so much work piling up and I'm not getting through it quickly enough. It will definitely keep me busy for a while, I just hate the feeling of being "behind." Even if I'm not really "behind" at all.

I also am really starting to look into PhD programs. There are two programs that I will probably most definitely apply for, along with any others that I find in the meantime. I'm really not sure about the whole thing, but I figure I should apply anyway. I wouldn't be able to start until at least Fall 2009, and then can always defer a year if life gets crazy, so I might as well go for it.