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My weekend is flying by already!

Thursday night I hung out at Dave's with his family. Michelle and Thorsten were there, along with John, one of his aunts and his parents. Dave was painting a bedroom upstairs since new carpet was coming the next day (yesterday). He finished and the room looked really nice!

Friday was a day off for me and it was great. I woke up in the morning and did some web edits, then hung out by the pool with my mom for like, the entire day. It's amazing how sunscreen really does work - there was a small patch on my left shoulder that I must have missed, and it was slightly pink. Everything else was totally fine. Funny. After being outside all day, I did some other stuff around the house, and then Dave came over in the early evening and we went swimming again. (I was in the pool like, 5 times yesterday!)

After we swam, we watched "Office Space" and ate popcorn and Italian ices.

Today I woke up and came pretty close to finishing Harry Potter 4. I have all of those other books I bought that I would like to read as well, so it would be good if I finished it!

I have been working on web edits for a large part of the morning - I'm working on a lot of content for a site. After I finish all of this, it will be ready to go live and I'd like to see it up! I'm making good progress though. I want to hang out by the pool again today since the weather is nice and it was really fun yesterday. My sister also wants me to help her paint one of the rooms in her house.

Back to doing web work so I can get to the other tasks of the day!


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Jul. 12th, 2008 04:42 pm (UTC)
summer days outside are the best! i'm glad you got to relax & enjoy yourself :)
Jul. 12th, 2008 05:45 pm (UTC)
Gotta luv sunscreen except a few weeks ago I went to the beach and before I went there I put on Coppertone spf 50 and put a very good amount on. Somehow it didn't work on parts of me cause my face was pinkish and so was my neck.
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