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Yesterday was a pleasant day at work and I got a lot accomplished!

I then went home and took on the *lovely* task of cleaning the poop in the backyard with the pooper scooper. Yum. After that, (I obviously washed my hands, lol) and worked on some web edits and organizing. Dave then came over, and we just hung out and chatted, and ate ice Ben & Jerry's ice cream. My father got a new computer about a week ago, and Dave and my dad were then looking at the computer and playing with it.

I've finished Harry Potter 4 and am working my way through Liberating Paris by Linda Bloodworth Thomason. It is one of the books I purchased at B&N last week, and so far it is interesting!

Today is going by slowly. I'm wearing I dress I made last summer and that makes me happy.

I talked to my boss today and she is encouraging me to take a vacation day off and take a super-long 4 day weekend. I just might do that!

Yesterday was a good day web-work wise. I got another prospective new client more edits to do. More work, yey! Love it. I'm so excited.


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Jul. 16th, 2008 05:01 am (UTC)
Ahh you to ey? I did the same thing today, I hate cleaning up the poop in the backyard. But someone's gott do it. lol
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