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It's Wednesday - one more work day this week!

Things are going well. There isn't a whole lot to update about. Yesterday I had work all day, and then when I came home I worked on a site for a dentist. The design/layout had been approved, so I finished the remainder of the subpages last night. I sent it off for approval, and after that, it can be published and made live. I'm excited! I love publishing newly completed sites!

Tonight I would like to do some video editing for a client's site, and I'd also like to create a layout proposal for an actress. I got a lot accomplished last night, so I'd like to stay on top of that and just continue to move along.

I have some errands to run - my father's 62nd birthday is tomorrow. Dave and I have also semi-made plans for this evening. If the weather is nice, we'd like to go swimming. As of now it looks hot and sunny from my window at work, so I hope it stays that way for the remainder of the day.

My mother and I would like to go to NYC sometime soon for various projects - I need to buy fabric so I can finish a portion of my FIT qualifying paper. We need to pick out tile for the LBI kitchen backsplash. I have most of the fabric for one knit dress I want to sew, but need an accent fabric, and I think large fabric stores with tons of selection are going to be the most helpful for my fabric needs. There is also a specific tile store we want to look at in NYC - so we are trying to plan a day to do this! Hopefully soon.

I'm reading Whitethorn Woods by Maeve Binchy. So far, I don't enjoy it as much as all of her other books that I have read (which is mostly all of them) but it's still decent.