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Friday I had the day off and just hung around the house and whatnot. Dave and I went swimming in the afternoon In the evening, Dave and I watched Harry Potter 2.

Saturday morning, our washing machine broke. Just broke. I had tried to do a load of delicates on Friday, and the machine didn't drain. I then set it again, and again it didn't drain. Then when Dave was over I had him look at it and we set it again, and once more it didn't drain. Saturday morning, my father took it apart to see why it was clogged, and it then just - died. It's about 10 years old though, so it isn't like it's a new machine or anything, but it's still a pain. I took my (wet, soapy) load to Dave's and washed it there. All I can do is hope that we get a new one quickly!

Saturday afternoon I sat out by the pool and swam with my dad, Alyson, Jim and Dave. I can tell the summer is coming to an end and the water and air are both getting a bit colder, but it's still nice out.

Saturday evening, Dave cooked london broil for me, and I made spinach and rice as sides. It was very yummy! I then helped his mother go through her pantry and throw out anything that was beyond date, and we put linoleum stick tiles on the pantry shelves and took off the old icky shelf liner paper. We got a lot done, and the pantry is super organized now. It was kind of a random project to do, but it will help!

Dave and I were going to see Dark Knight or Stepbrothers tonight, but it just didn't happen. Instead, we watched the Olympics...and we watched a lot of the games...but we fell asleep. And then we both woke up at the same time, and were like, oh, I bet they'll do the Phelps relay now - only to realize they had JUST DONE IT. I continually fall asleep while watching the Olympics nightly, and it's pretty frustrating. I saw a replay though.

When I got home, Charley was in the side room off of the living room, separated, since he still has his cone one from surgery. Charley hasn't had an accident in the house in months. And this is a dog who is only 11 months old (will be a year old next week). However, poor little guy - he pooped alllllll over the room. And he wasn't super sick or anything, but it wasn't "easy to clean up poop." It was in his blanket, on his pillow, on the floor. It was horrid. The floor is tile, so it was easy to clean up. But remember - what broke this morning?


So, I scraped (eww) as much as I could off of the blankets and pillow, and put them outside. I then cleaned the floor. And again, I really hope we get a new washing machine asap. Maybe one will fall from the sky or something. Ugh.

Bed time. I've been working on my garden embroidery a lot lately. Last summer it was my goal to finish it by the end of summer. Maybe I can carry over that goal to this summer? For whatever reason, I didn't get ANY work on it done from last August to now. It's just been a busy year, but I'm coming down the home stretch!!


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Aug. 19th, 2008 07:25 am (UTC)
The Dark Knight was a really good movie I thought. It sucks what happened to Heath Ledger though. He played a really good character in that movie. RIP Heath.
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