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Tonight is Michelle and Thorsten's rehearsal dinner. I have to leave work kinda early in order to get there, but it should be fun.

Last night Stephanie came over for a while, and it was the first time I had seen her in months. It was fun though, it was as if the last time I saw her was the previous day. She was working on updating her resume, and I was designing a new site for a new client - a chiropractor. We had the Olympics on in the background, and a bit of Project Runway. We also compared photos of dresses - we both have a wedding to go to this weekend, and she has one next weekend as well. Both of us have no idea what we are going to wear, and this is a big thing! I then went up to my closets with her and my mom, and I gave her 3 (!!!) dresses that I had that I don't wear often that are nice, and look great on her. I also gave her a tank top for going out that I don't wear anymore, since my social life is no longer revolved around "going out." She said that she meets up with her boyfriend's friends all the time, and spends all her nights out. I'm hoping she can get wear out of the 3 dresses and top! On Friday we made plans to hang out again, and she said she has an Anthropologie dress for me that isn't perfect for her, but she thinks will work for me. Sweet! I love purging my closet - and there are some things in there that are absolutely gorgeous, but I just won't wear them. I'm glad that someone else can use them!! She and I are also basically the same size, but we have different body types. I wear a lot of A-line garments, and loose dresses (trapeze silhouettes) and the like. She likes more tailored, bust detail, etc. The dresses I gave her look better on her than they did on me - it's really interesting the way a dress is cut and how it can look so different on different people. Well, I hope she gets wear out of them!! Stephanie also had an unfinished dress that she was sewing in my craft closet for about a year. Last night, she finished sewing on the straps, and took that home with her too. That is another option for her to wear to her upcoming events (on top of the 2 weddings, she has 2 formal large birthday parties, lol). She came over, and left with 4 dresses and a tank top? Not bad! haha

I designed most of the proposal layout for the chiropractor. I still have some work to do on it, but it is coming along well.

I finished the garden embroidery, and I'm debating what project I want to begin now. I would love to knit myself a sweater, and I think that is next on the list. I have a couple of sweater patterns that look really cool, and I might give one of them a try. I also have another cross stitch pattern that I would like to make as well. Actually, I have many patterns that I would like to do, but I just need to do them one at a time. I would also like to start either a wedding or baby sampler, and make it for whoever has a baby/wedding in the near future. I might do that as well. I (obviously) still have the baby sampler my mom made me (even though she totally finished it when I was about 10, lol) In the past few years, I have finished 4 large samplers (zebra carousel horse, mother's day carousel horse, flower in vase, garden) - and I purchased the floss for each sampler. Floss is super cheap, but I'm wondering if any of the colors I have for those 4 are needed for the new sampler I'm going to start in the next few days. I brought them all with me to work, and at lunch I'm going to see if there are any colors on the new chart that I already have. Honestly, I don't think the chances are all that great, but there may be some colors that overlap. If that's the case, then I can probably start it either tonight or tomorrow without having to go buy more supplies (I'm sure I have aida fabric around, too) Can't wait!

Today is Charley's first birthday! He is no longer a "puppy." So sad. He's such a cute boy!


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Aug. 21st, 2008 05:41 pm (UTC)
i saw your finished garden embroidery but i think i forgot to comment - it looked wonderful alexa!

also, stephanie is lucky to have a friend like you! it's awesome that she will get some wear out of the clothes you don't. you are SO right about body shapes and clothing cuts, even if two people are the same size. it really is amazing! for example, i recently tried on two pairs of jeans, same size, same brand but slightly different styles...one was AWFUL and one was a great fit. i've really learned that it is cut and shape, not size, that matter.
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