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It's the "last" week of summer, and already it is flying by!

Today I went into NYC to meet up with my FIT adviser for my qualifying paper. I didn't realize it was the first week of classes over in Fashion land, and was pleasantly surprised to see fashionable students wandering around. That is actually one of the things I loved about going back to school - especially in NYC at FIT. I loved walking around and seeing all the people back - I then get over it pretty quickly and wish everyone would go away, haha. New fashion students are always wearing their own creations - people are carrying around bags of muslin and fabrics. The weather is nice, and it's just fun to be outside and people watch!

While at FIT, I realized after talking to my adviser that I am pretty much on schedule, and finishing my paper won't be all that big of a deal. However, because I "graduated," I need to pay FIT "maintainence of matriculation" and that cost me a whopping $500 today. Not a fun check to write (although I charged it cause I get cash back/gift cards - but I will write the check when my statement comes due). At least it isn't the $8000 that I paid at the start of last fall and last spring. It still sucks though! It will move me to finish my paper by the end of this semester though instead of paying another $500 in January!!

Jim made dinner for us this evening, and after dinner, my family was just hanging around talking about politics. All of a sudden, I started screaming, and couldn't get out any words - and I ran out their back door. I pointed and hit my mom as I was screaming, and next thing, she was screaming and ran outside with me.

Bob had brought in a dead bird, and dropped it AT MY FEET onto his Pottery Barn bed. I couldn't even mutter the word "bird." I didn't think I was that much of a wuss, but apparently I am! It was pretty horrible.

I got two new web clients today - which is pretty cool. I have more updates and work to do for some other clients, and spent a lot of last night working as well.

Dave is helping his brother hang crown molding in sections of his house. The house is on the market, and I'm guessing they are just finishing some updates that they never got around to finishing.

I received a wedding invitation in the mail today, and I'm excited about it!!


My JCrew order just arrived. Both the dress and the blouse fit perfectly. Love it!

Oh! The next thing I'm going to post is personal, so I'm going to make another new entry in a moment and tell the story...

And last of all, my mom was snarky to me today and it was funny. I got an email for a woman today that I know from a political contact. As in, I've done local work and this woman is there too. I guess she got my email from a sign up for there, and sent me this invitation for a Republican rally that is sometime this week. I didn't read the subject, but the subject from the previous person said "Rally for McCann." And I said out loud, "Who is McCANN." And I guess my mom thought I said "McCain" and was like, "Um. He's running for president." And I looked at her and was like. "I'm not an idiot. I said McCann. Not McCain."

It turns out the previous person didn't know how to spell - but the body of the email was indeed a rally for McCain. I can't believe my mom thought that I would question who "McCain" was though. Ouch.


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Aug. 26th, 2008 11:38 pm (UTC)
I can't help but LOL at the dead bird story! How random!
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